The Aspects and Angles of Writing Romeo and Juliet Essays

William Shakespeare, the Bard, created so many memorable tales! Romeo and Juliet is probably the most famous and has certainly been the subject of endless re-tellings through the years. Writing Romeo and Juliet essays shouldnвt be too difficult for anyone who has ever been in love. The passion and even the desperation are fairly common among young lovers the world over. The tragedy has a poignant quality enhanced by the fatal misunderstanding. Parental disapproval is not unusual and found in every society. Love is the universal language and Romeo and Juliet is a universal story.

From what angle might one approach this type of analytical essay? The obvious one? Love deprived and the tragic results? The effect a story can have on generations of readers? The lasting truth that love never really dies…? Perhaps teenaged angst and rebellion? В«West Side StoryВ» was a modernized version of the classic love story. Instead of feuding families, the story concerned two warring street gangs. Forbidden romances often end badly, and thatвs yet another angle to consider.

A Romeo and Juliet essay could cover several aspects, as you can see. Or one could simply write about how an Englishman from Stratford-on-Avon managed to have such an understanding of so many people and places he had never personally known. The Montagues and the Capulets were as far from his world as they could get. So, where did the ideas come from? Perhaps he had known star-crossed lovers and simply used a more interesting location for their story that his own familiar world. Maybe someone who had done a lot of traveling brought the tale back and related it to him? Or it could be that the idea came to him as many stories do… out of his own imagination. After all, nobody has really visited Mars and time travel hasnвt happened yet, and stories about both abound.

So, В Romeo and Juliet essays can contain any number of possibilities. But the story itself has been analyzed and retold so many times, perhaps a new slant would be interesting. For example, suppose the loversв plan had worked? What would their lives have been like, without their families and the accompanying wealth and position? Would their epic romance have endured a life in the shadows? Could they have dealt with lying about who they were and where they came from? What would they have done in the future?

It could hold a biography essay type spin, as to who they were and whatВ led them to their end. That could also present other issues to explore. What happened after they died? Did their families share their grief and stop the feud? Or did anger and bitterness reign? Were there any lessons learned about meddling in the affairs of people in love? And what of their friends or the priest who assisted them in their subterfuge? How did the end results effect them? It might be interesting to extrapolate on the subsequent events rather than simply write just another in a long list of Romeo and Juliet essays along the same lines that so many others have used.

Regardless how you view the story or how many times it is repeated, it holds a fascination for anyone who has been in love. Maybe itвs the striving for an unattainable goal, maybe itвs the tragic ending rather than the longer story that might have been. Whatever the reason, Romeo and Juliet are creatures of legend more surely than if they had been real people. Therefore, Romeo and Juliet essays, of any essay length, are popular to create but the writer should be careful not to follow the same boring renditions that have been done to death.